Thursday, May 22, 2008

Kayak for Kids


The creation of a social venture concept:

The problem: sells kayak kits.  High end, beautiful, wooden, do-it-yourself kayak kits.  Buyers have to put the kits together or pay someone else to do it.  Kits cost in the range of $1500.  Labor runs $3000-$4000. only make a few hundred dollars selling kits, and the kit kayak business isn't necessarily booming. 


Sell the complete Kayak finished for a higher price and margin - $9500 with  $4000 respectively.  There is a small high end market for these kayaks.  Incorporate a social component into the business plan to give back to the community and create reason for a Cause Marketing campaign.


Outsource the labor to the Boys and Girls Club of America.  Pay the club for putting a kayak kit together the same 3000-4000 that would have been paid to anyone.  Create a nice team project for the Boys and Girls Club to work with their youth.  Put some money back in the kids hands (up to the local Boys and Girls Club).  Make a difference in the community by having the kayak built by kids that need a little extra help.  Also, these kids may now be introduced to kayaking as a sport or hobby.  Work with local boat dealers to put the Kayak on consignment with large photos of the Boys and Girls Club working as a team on the kits.  Pay the local boat dealer a 10-20% commission for selling the kayak's.  Prove up the concept and then take to other markets.


The Carter Lake chapter of the Boys and Girls Club in Omaha, NE has agreed to participate. is developing the Cause Marketing components for marketing (kayaks for kids, kits for kids, buy a kayak save a kid, built for kids by kids, etc.).  The owner of a marine center is being contacted for display of the kayak and marketing materials for test marketing. is inspiring all involved in this project on the GivingReturns model.

Contact Dan at for more information.

Phone: 402-708-9553

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Melo Smith said...

Great. I have no idea that there are also kayaks designed for our kids. Very impressive. I wish that designs could be available also once we have our kayak in the Philippines.