Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Entrepreneur Flavors

Rember Baskin Robbins 31 flavors?

I have the opportunity to interact with many different entrepreneurs.  And, one thing I've noticed is no two are alike, but some fall in similar categories as they approach their business.  

I've started to put together some ideas below of the different types of entrepreneurs or flavors if you will.  Remember, like icecream, these flavors can be mixed together in many different ways.  Please feel free to share your comments on these definitions and share your experiences.  

Ideapreneur - the person that can't stop generating great business ideas, but sometimes lack execution or follow through - that's me.
Entrepredoer - the person that just likes running a business, any business - often a franchisee
Oopspreneur - the entrepreneur that is tinkering all the time with the business making a few mistakes here and there but learning from them
Maneurpreneur - that person whose business just failed - the good ones are back again
Delegeneur - the person that doesn't do anything in business but delegate to better people and stays in charge
Developerneur - the person that takes a small company and grows it for great profit
Manicpreneur - every entrepreneur I know is a little manic, some more than others
Passionpreneur - the person that is so passionate about his company that he wears it on his sleeve, his forehead, everywhere and thats what drives the company

If you are one of the types above, share your story.  If you have an additional type, share it as well.  Let's have fun with this one!


JJSOmaha said...

I would say I fall within the

"Ideapreneur" and "Entrepredoer"...

I sometimes discount my ideas but love to push through other thoughts or ideas that folks have.

I'll commit and stay faithful until completion, just give me something to work on!

Joe Frost said...

I was inspired by Simon Sinek recently and have added the definition, inspipreneur. One who inspirers others to to build better companies.