Thursday, May 15, 2008

Back in the Big O!

It's good to be home.  I arrived late last night from a 1 week trip; yet, am refreshed and re-energized from my experiences away.  I met some great EO and YPO members in California doing some amazing things.  I can't wait to explore the relationships further.  With inspiration from Mark Moses, I came up with an amazing idea to drive awareness of Social Entrepreneurship and perhaps create 20 new social ventures in 1 weekend.  Here's the plan:  

Omaha 2.0

Invite 20 EO and YPO forums from around the world to visit Omaha, NE for a weekend of networking, learning, and once in a lifetime experiences.  The event would be focused around the web 2.0 phenomenon and how it can affect your businesses and your life.  Top speakers on the subject will be brought in to speak and facilitate break out workshops.  Top speakers from the EO and YPO circuits will be brought in to compliment as well.  The entire weekend would integrate, web 2.0 discussions, forum building opportunities, and top notch social events.  So, what's the social entrepreneurial catch?

At the beginning of the weekend, each forum would choose 1 social problem that they will use throughout the weekend.  Rather than each forum working on their business, the lessons learned will be explored while generating a social venture model using Verne Harnish's One Page Strategic Plan template.  Throughout the weekend each forum will be builidng their One Page Strategic Plan for a Social Venture of their choice.  All 20 of the plans will be developed in an open source, collaborative, wiki (yes all web2.0 stuff) environment.  At the end of the weekend, 20 plans will be submitted to a Super Panel for determining the top 3 plans and ultimate winner.  The winning plan will receive a Large cash price to invest in starting their Social Venture.

Now, this is just an idea, but here's how I think it can take off.  First, the prize has to be at least $50,000.  Second, the judges have to be highly sought after - I'm going for Warren Buffett first!  Third, the event needs to be top notch from start to finish with great venues, great food, and great experiences.  And finally, we just need great people to show up, that's where EO and YPO comes in!

More to come.  Post any ideas you have on the event as well.

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JJSOmaha said...

I love this idea---so ready to pull this off here.

Let's grab some caffeine and talk about the steps to make it happen...

Looking forward to connecting...