Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Wikid Business Planning

I have this idea for creating a collaborative business plan online using a wiki.  I'm testing wetpaint.com (free) and pbwiki.com (pay to play) right now for functionality and ease of use.  

How cool would it be if entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs could post their business plans online and get help from fellow entrepreneurs on their business plan?  Imagine if you were building a business to help the homeless in North America, you could be getting help from a European counterpart that has already been down the same path.  The site could link social entrepreneurs that want to create open source business plans for the greater good.  Other entrepreneurs that weren't afraid of the open source approach could share as well.  Each business plan/business would have its own wiki and be continually improved through collaboration.

I'd love comments on experiences about using wikis for business, along with any ideas that come to mind.  In addition, please visit my wikid business beta sites above to help me design and test the idea.

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