Sunday, June 1, 2008

Omaha 2.0

Omaha 2.0
A Giving Returns Retreat

Target: Omaha 2.0 will bring 200 of the top entrepreneurs in North America to Omaha, NE in November 2008 to learn how to incorporate Web 2.0 strategy into their businesses.
  • Learning - The top business speakers in the country will present to our guests along with the the best Web 2.0 talent in the country.  Be inspired, collaborate, and implement.
  • Networking - Only EO and YPO members will be in attendance.  The retreat is limited to 20 total forums/groups throughout North America.  The goal is for 5 Canadian forums, 5 South American forums, and 10 US forums.  No EO or YPO chapter will be allowed more than 1 forum or group to attend for maximum diversification.
  • Experience - The retreat will be a masterful mixture of social opportunities for networking, learning opportunities for business building, and once in a lifetime experiences.  
  • Social Venture Creation - Throughout the retreat each group will work on applying the web 2.0 strategies learned to create a simple, high level strategic plan for a new Social Venture.  All 20 social ventures will be judged by Giving Returns and the forum that creates the winning plan will become the advisory board for this new business venture's launch.
Imagine, 200 of North America's best and brightest entrepreneurs and the top EO/YPO and Web 2.0 talent in America collaborating to build better businesses and creating 20 new social ventures all in 1 weekend!  That is Omaha 2.0!

Omaha 2.0 is the 2nd FrostKamp extravaganza geared at EO and YPO members.  Its first event was the recent EOBerkshire event, hosting over 90 out of town EO and YPO members with raving reviews.  This event will be equally successful with an emphasis on Web 2.0 strategies, social networking, and social entrepreneurship.  

We are currently contacting a small target list of the top speakers in EO/YPO and on Web 2.0 topics for availability to schedule this event.  We are targeting early November 2008 with a Thursday-Sunday schedule.

An investment of $1500 per person plus travel and lodging is all this retreat costs.  All transportation and lodging for the weekend will be coordinated by FrostKamp.  The retreat starts Thursday night with an inspirational key note speaker and social event.  Then Friday and Saturday days will be full of workshops with web 2.0 experts and EO/YPO's best guiding you through the collaboration and implementation of new strategies for your business and the creation of a new Social Venture.  Friday and Saturday evenings will be one of a kind, offering our guests with amazing opportunities for socializing and networking while experiencing a few of Omaha's own unique venues.  The take away value will leave you yearning for Omaha 3.0.

Next Action:

To submit your forum's request for attendance or provide feedback on the event, simply post a comment.  This blog will be the only information for this event.

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Joe Frost said...

Great Idea...may have to push back a few months